Sunday, December 9, 2012

Last post: PSU Softball

I've been playing softball for about 8 years, I started playing baseball when I was really young and when I was 12 I aged out (because girls couldn't play in the next age group). I made varsity my freshman year of high school and continued to play softball. I chose Plymouth State University because I liked the team and the assistant coach. Every year the team goes to Florida for a week to play 10 games or so. My freshman year I broke my knuckles during the 3rd or 4th game. I was diving back into first base and my ring finger and middle finger hit the base and cracked my knuckles where they meet my hand.

(The nurse was kind enough to let me take a picture of the x-ray.)

This was the first time I had ever had a serious injury. Our team trainer told me that I had only jammed my fingers and to keep moving my hand. I iced it and kept moving it, my two fingers became huge and swollen so I decided to go to the hospital 2 days after it had happened. The nurse told me that they were in fact broken, I would need a cast, and that I would probably be out for the whole season. She was right I was out for the season and had the cast on for 3 weeks. I "red shirted" which means that I basically scratched off the 3 games I had played and I now have an extra season of eligibility. I continued to attend all of the games and practices to support my team. My hand healed and after the school year was done I played for a travel team called the New England Diamond Gems for the summer.

 When I got back to school I was excited to play and couldn't wait for the spring. When spring came around I was ready to play. In April I was selected as the LEC rookie of the week, LEC rookie of the year, to the All-LEC First team, and to the ECAC Division 3 New England All-Star team. I broke 6 records and set 5. Needless to say I had a decent season

When I returned to school this year I walked into the P.E. center and was greeted by a huge picture of me. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Group Projects

...Are the worst!
I can't stand doing group projects, even if it is just me and a partner. The in class group projects don't bother me as much, it's the out of class projects that require Powerpoint presentations. In my opinion the cons outweigh the pros. Teachers always seem to think that if they require the students to do group projects then the students will gain communication skills, networking skills, and teamwork skills. That NEVER happens!

There is always that one kid that does absolutely nothing, one person gets stuck doing all of the work, some kids don't care about their grade as much as the others, some people work better individually, and it is hard to meet up in one place at a certain time because of conflicting schedules. Also everyone gets the same grade so if there is a group of 5 and 2 of the members did the whole thing then it isn't fair and there is usually no way to tell who contributed to the project.