Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Distracting Websites

50% of the time I don't do my homework is because I don't want to, 30% goes to internet distractions and the other 20% is due to my professional procrastination skills. The main websites I visit to ensure no homework gets done on time are:

There are more I'm just too lazy to complete the list...

Monday, October 22, 2012

How I do my homework

If and when I do my homework it is usually done at the very last second. I procrastinate so much that I actually want to do homework when it is assigned. There are a series of stages leading up to me finally doing my homework..

When homework is assigned I do not write it down or make any attempt to remember what the assignment it and when it is due. Then I usually check Moodle the night before class, realize that I do indeed have homework and make sure I finish it before I go to sleep.

In a couple of my classes homework is always due on a certain day. for example my sports law homework is  always due on Tuesdays. I don't look at the assignment until about Friday, since I don't have any classes on Fridays it would make sense to do all of my homework then right? Wrong, I say that Fridays are my homework days when in reality Fridays are the days that I avoid doing homework by sleeping, cleaning, eating, folding laundry, organizing, hanging out with friends, and participating in a lot of shenanigans with my roommates. Pretty much doing anything besides my homework, Saturday, Sunday and Monday the same things occur. Eventually I will end up starting my homework..

Friday, October 12, 2012

Don't feel like doing your homework?

Do you ever feel like you don't want to do your homework?

My roommates and I always feel this way, this is an example of what we do instead. 

This is how I feel about reading assignments.

"Is this hazing?"

As most people know when you play for a school sports team you usually have seniors on your team. On the last home game we have a senior game, which is basically decorating the field in the schools colors and the seniors take pictures with their families and flowers before the game. During this video we had to decorate the field for the seniors. A few of my teammates decided it would be fun to duct tape one of the freshman.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Getting out of bed...

Getting out of bed has always been a hard thing for me to do. Waking up for my 8:40 am class this semester is practically torture. What makes it even worse is my landlord won't turn on the heat until the 16th of this month. My whole house is freezing and my roommates and I walk around the house bundled up. Instead of taking me 10 minutes to get out of bed, I now wait until I absolutely have to get out of bed. Who in their right mind would want to get out of a warm bed to go to class on a cold morning?

For example this morning I woke up at 8:20 for my 9:05 class, I got out of bed at 8:53. If it weren't for my perfect attendance throughout the years, (except for my excused absences for softball) I would have gone back to sleep. 

Sleep seems to be one of the things a college student can never get enough of. I can't be the only one who prays for cancelled class in the morning.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Microwavable Meals

Microwavable meals, in my opinion are the best meals (while in college).

Scenario: You're in your room and all of a sudden you're hungry but you need more than just chips. You have class or practice in 20 minutes and you don't have enough time to prepare and cook a complete meal or go to the dinning hall. What do you do? It's simple you reach into your stash of snacks and pull out a Cup of Noodles, add water and throw it into the microwave for 3 minutes. BOOM problem solved! You ate and got to your destination on time.

Comment what you would do in this scenario or what your favorite microwavable meal is!

First Post

This is my first post for Lazy College Student Athletes, I currently play softball for Plymouth State University and I am a junior majoring in Business Administration. I would like to have a minor in either Professional selling or Communications or both, but that seems like too much work so I'm just gonna put that off for a while. A lot of my friends/teammates would describe me as lazy, I would describe myself as putting the "pro" in procrastination. This blog will probably be me rambling about my life as a lazy college student athlete and tips on what not to do, so if you can relate then you might find this to be semi enjoyable.