Monday, October 22, 2012

How I do my homework

If and when I do my homework it is usually done at the very last second. I procrastinate so much that I actually want to do homework when it is assigned. There are a series of stages leading up to me finally doing my homework..

When homework is assigned I do not write it down or make any attempt to remember what the assignment it and when it is due. Then I usually check Moodle the night before class, realize that I do indeed have homework and make sure I finish it before I go to sleep.

In a couple of my classes homework is always due on a certain day. for example my sports law homework is  always due on Tuesdays. I don't look at the assignment until about Friday, since I don't have any classes on Fridays it would make sense to do all of my homework then right? Wrong, I say that Fridays are my homework days when in reality Fridays are the days that I avoid doing homework by sleeping, cleaning, eating, folding laundry, organizing, hanging out with friends, and participating in a lot of shenanigans with my roommates. Pretty much doing anything besides my homework, Saturday, Sunday and Monday the same things occur. Eventually I will end up starting my homework..